[Beowulf] mpitest between qlocgic and mellanox/infiniband

Robert Horton robh at dongle.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 00:24:53 PST 2014

On 24/02/14 05:27, Jon Tegner wrote:
> Hi,
> when evaluating infiniband I usually try to run "osu_latency", 
> "osu_bw" and the likes (from package mpitests-openmpi). However, I 
> have not managed to run these between nodes where one has a Qlogic 
> card and the other one from Mellanox.
> Is it a bad idea to try to use cards from different vendors in an "mpi 
> environment", or am I missing something in the configuration?

It's probably possible to make it work but I don't think it will perform 
particularly well. Without seeing the actual error I would guess that 
the QLogic card is trying to use psm / Infinipath whereas the Mellanox 
one will be using Ibverbs. If you can force the QLogic one to use 
IBverbs it might work (but you may still have problems). You could also 
try setting up an IPoIB interface on each and using tcp over that.


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