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Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 24 18:52:19 PDT 2012

On Oct 25, 2012, at 2:26 AM, Joe Landman wrote:

> On 10/24/2012 12:40 PM, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>> I bet in engineering and math type sciences plenty of funding from
>> companies.
> Think again.
>> This lady was however in a more social area.
>> So her statement is totally correct.
>> I explain this, my words, as a feudal system where you have to take
>> care for your own funding,
>> either find a company to pay for it or some sort of organisation that
>> pays for the spot.
> Ahh ... but thats how it is everywhere ... you have to find a prof  
> with
> funding or self fund.

The USA has a capitalistic system sir.
You shouldn't do as if that's a ton better than a feudal system,
because you managed to cope with that yourself.

A single huge well known university in USA has larger budget than all  
universities in Netherlands
together, though average income later on of them right now isn't  
lower than what a person makes in
the USA.

This if you look at the GDP versus population size.

Netherlands has a GDP estimate in 2011 of 832 billion. Note 2011 is a  
bad year in Europe.
USA has a GDP estimate of 15.568 trillion for 2011.


Netherlands has 16.73 million inhabitants.
USA 313.8 million (july 2012 estimate)

That's a difference in population size in factor of : 18.7567x

Despite that 'bad year' in 2011 caused by EU not overspending 50%+  
like USA is doing (spending versus income),

If we divide that 15.568 trillion by 18.756 = 830 billion euro.

So Netherlands is doing better than USA currrently, and that without  
overspending bigtime like US government is doing.
If we'd do that then of course it SEEMS as if it goes even better  
here, for just a few years...

Yet income was 832 billion and more people study here at university  
per each 1000 inhabitants than in USA.
That's a difference between a capitalistic system and the European  
socialistic model.

So the university system really is using real little budget if we  
compare it to the US universities.

>> Unpaid spots means of course effectively you have to pay your own
>> housing, not cheap in UK,
>> food and whatever you like to do during student life.
> In the US, students survive on spaghetti and ramen noodles.   
> Bangers and
> Mash in the UK?  I'd hope the food options were better.
> More seriously, grad students flock to the profs with grants to pay  
> for
> them.  Its hard to pay your own way here without means.  I ran an IT
> support operation in my spare time and had a number of clients.   
> Slight
> impact upon my studies in terms of available time, but considering  
> that
> TA/RA wages are sub-poverty level (at least when I was doing it), I
> sorta had no choice.
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