[Beowulf] getting used to beowulf and building small cluster

Rohit Dhamal rohitdhamal at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 00:26:32 PDT 2012


        My name is Rohit Dhamal and I live in India. I am a medical biotechnologist, now working on computational Biology to generate simulations and sequencing. I am new to linux and have shifted recently from windows. I am in need of a large computational power and want to build a high performance cluster for my simulations. the most simplest simulations require 3 months to complete on core2duo 1.67 ghz at 2 gb ram. I have no idea of cluster computing, I am expert in windows though. can anybody help me building a cluster step by step help on getting and installing packages and setting up the cluster and its configuration? 

I would also need help on how to post on the website, since I am very new to the format, website uses. I am used to GUI. I want to start a new thread for my requirement. 

Thank you. 


Rohit Dhamal
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