[Beowulf] Status of beowulf.org?

Herbert Fruchtl herbert.fruchtl at st-andrews.ac.uk
Sun Jun 17 09:22:04 PDT 2012

Joe Landman <landman at scalableinformatics.com> wrote:
 >> As a lurker of many years' standing, I am vehemently opposed to moderation. It
 >> slows down traffic (in the rare case that I do pose a question, it's because I'm
 >> desperate and want a response IMMEDIATELY!), is open to abuse, and it comes with
 >> a legal minefield (if let's say, a corporate lawyer at Intel/AMD/NVIDIA thinks
 >> they have been unfairly slagged off, they may go after the list owner).

 > so ... moderation stops this (going after the list owner) ... how?

No. It's the lack of moderation that should at least provide some safeguards. 
The legal argument (occasionally challenged, and depending on your jurisdiction, 
but broadly accepted) is that if you are moderating, you take responsibility. If 
you don't, you are equivalent to a phone provider or the post office, who are 
not responsible for the content they deliver.


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