[Beowulf] Torrents for HPC

Peter pc7 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jun 13 08:13:01 PDT 2012

> What about an easy to setup cluster file system such as FhGFS? As one of
> its developers I'm a bit biased of course, but then I'm also familiar
> with Lustre, an I think FhGFS is far more easiy to setup. We also do not
> have the problem to run clients and servers on the same node and so of
> our customers make heavy use of that and use their compute nodes as
> storage servers. That should a provide the same or better throughput as
> your torrent system.
> Cheers,
> Bernd

An interesting idea. There is at least one storage vendor which has more 
cores on it's controllers than are required to provide access to the 
disk subsystems. They have made various inroads in placing a 
virtualisation layer over these and making them available for other 
tasks... compute, irods etc etc. Add this to something like the above or 
stork (http://stork.cse.buffalo.edu/) could be interesting.


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