[Beowulf] Torrents for HPC

Bernd Schubert bs_lists at aakef.fastmail.fm
Wed Jun 13 06:40:09 PDT 2012

On 06/09/2012 02:06 AM, Bill Broadley wrote:
> I've built Myrinet, SDR, DDR, and QDR clusters ( no FDR yet), but I
> still have users whose use cases and budgets still only justify GigE.
> I've setup a 160TB hadoop cluster is working well, but haven't found
> justification for the complexity/cost related to lustre.  I have high
> hopes for Ceph, but it seems not quite ready yet.  I'd happy to hear
> otherwise.

What about an easy to setup cluster file system such as FhGFS? As one of 
its developers I'm a bit biased of course, but then I'm also familiar 
with Lustre, an I think FhGFS is far more easiy to setup. We also do not 
have the problem to run clients and servers on the same node and so of 
our customers make heavy use of that and use their compute nodes as 
storage servers. That should a provide the same or better throughput as 
your torrent system.


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