[Beowulf] Desktop fan reccommendation

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 6 10:10:45 PDT 2012

How many RPM is that 9 CM fan?

How about that small tiny fan of the psu isn't that one very noisy?
Cooling a psu that has to deliver a 220 watt or so sure needs lots of  
CFM to cool and the tiny fans
that i know from rackmounts that create a 20+ CFM they're all 50+  
decibel rated,
add some aluminium around 'em and it's 65 decibel...

On Jun 6, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Nathan Moore wrote:

> You sure this one is easy to replace?
> Yes, very easy to replace.  About 8 phillips screws.  Unfortunately  
> though, the shroud is fixed at 92mm or so, so a bigger, slower fan  
> is not possible.
> It seems that it doesn't have a cooler at all for the cpu but as  
> you say it's some sort of cheapskate thing tubing that pumps liquid  
> through the socket and then seemingly with 1 fan that is doing  
> cooling both for the PSU as well as the cpu fan at once.
> Sort-of.  I think the "heat pipe" is essentially 4-5 copper tubes  
> that run to a fine-finned radiator.  The fan vents the radiator.   
> It is actually a fairly elegant, compact, and reliable design.

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