[Beowulf] Desktop fan reccommendation

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 6 04:38:03 PDT 2012

On Jun 5, 2012, at 7:48 PM, Nathan Moore wrote:

> All,
> This is barely beowuf related...
> New desktop machine is a Shuttle SX79R5, http://us.shuttle.com/ 
> barebone/Models/SX79R5.html
> In the past, shuttles have been very quiet, but this one has a  
> fairly loud variable speed fan on the CPU heat exchanger.

You sure this one is easy to replace?

It seems that it doesn't have a cooler at all for the cpu but as you  
say it's some sort of cheapskate thing tubing that pumps liquid
through the socket and then seemingly with 1 fan that is doing  
cooling both for the PSU as well as the cpu fan at once.

Then from inside it pushes that air seemingly to outside and there it  
goes through a tiny grill, which also will impact the airflow bigtime  
i'd guess.

So whatever you do, you need a fan that delivers at least the same  
CFM and has the same airpressure. Most likely the replacement fan
for 9CM there still will be something of at least a 5000 RPM or so,  
so very noisy, and just don't believe all the manufacturer specs there,
they usually 'overclock' fans nowadays effectively generating a far  
higher RPM and *that* CFM they put on the box.

If you'd get a tad bigger fan it's easy to get it more quiet, but it  
seems difficult to fit in. Maybe if you remove the grill and produce  
a kind of cardbox
thing channels the air into the tiny PSU/heat exchanger. Just tape  
won't do i'd guess, as after a while that'll losen too much,
so some glue also needed, then it would be a lot easier to get it quiet.

It's a tiny fan for a CPU/PSU combo. Just 9 CM is not much.

At 12 CM there is a wonderful fan i'm very happy about that's the  
aerocool shark fan. It's only there in red incarnation.

Nowadays the fans that do not have leds are either more expensive or  
produce less CFM so you'll have no escape except to get one with leds,
as they produce those massively.

You'll have to measure though whether a bigger fan fits inside and if  
so what its maximum dimensions are and how it impacts your cardbox  

>  I normally buy replacement parts from vendors like newegg, but  
> their selection of 90mm case fans mainly seems to be described by  
> CFM and whether the fan has LED lights mounted in it (FYI, that is  
> not a selling point).
> So, is there an engineer's version of newegg that ya'll know about?  
> There must be a super quiet 90mm fan out there that I can pick up  
> for $10...
> Nathan Moore
> Physics, Winona State University
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