[Beowulf] recommendations for parallel IO

Ricardo Reis rreis at aero.ist.utl.pt
Wed May 26 07:07:25 PDT 2010

  Hi all

  We have a small cluster but some users need to use MPI-IO. We have a NFS3
shared partition but you would need to mount it with special options who 
would hurt performance. We are looking into a nice parallel file system to 
deploy in this context. We got 4 boxes with a 500Gb disk in each, for the 
moment, connected with Gb. We have another Gb connection dedicated to the 
MPI traffic.

  We need an open source solution, we are looking into PVFS and Gluster 
(but from what we see, Gluster doesn't quit fit the bill? It's more a 
distributed filesystem than a parallel filesystem... or are we taking the 
wrong turn on our reasoning, somewhere about this?)

  Anyway your thoughts and experience would be very welcomed so we can make 
a better decision.

  many thanks,

  Ricardo Reis

  'Non Serviam'

  PhD candidate @ Lasef
  Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Turbulence

  Cultural Instigator @ Rádio Zero

  Keep them Flying! Ajude a/help Aero Fénix!



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