[Beowulf] Re: Choosing pxelinux.cfg DEFAULT via dhcpd.conf?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue May 11 16:26:16 PDT 2010

In case it's still relevant at this stage, as this doesn't seem to have
been mentioned:

"David Mathog" <mathog at caltech.edu> writes:

> Is there a way to set dhcpd.conf so that it changes which pxelinux.cfg
> entry (LABEL) starts on a network boot?  

As Prentice implied, juggle explicit tftpboot files, rather than using
labels, assuming you don't want to interact with the boot on the
console.  For that I use http://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/pxeconfig, which has
support for transient configurations, e.g. boot to configure/provision
and then reboot from a different PXE image automagically.

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