[Beowulf] which mpi library should I focus on?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Feb 23 06:09:15 PST 2010

> i've not written MPI programs before.  I've written plenty of C and
> Java, however, and I think I can learn.  I'm trying to decide whether
> to concentrate on OpenMPI or MPICH2 as I get started.  In the
> Internet, I find plenty of people who are fiercely devoted to MPICH2,
> and I also find plenty of people who say OpenMPI is now the "preferred
> application".

why do you think it would make any difference?  it's also normally
pretty trivial to switch.

> What are the reasons to prefer one or the other?

none - it's a matter of taste, especially since your application will
not be sensitive to minor differences.

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