[Beowulf] Re: ECC exerciser/exorciser?

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Tue Jan 27 09:35:11 PST 2009

David Mathog wrote:
> [...]
> 3.  The memory testers don't exercise anything but the memory. This puts
> a pretty constant but minimal load on the power supply.  Pounding away
> at the same time on the disks (and to a lesser extent the NIC) puts a
> large and varying load on the power supply, which most likely results in
> additional noise on all voltages, which may be enough to trigger memory
> failures in marginal devices.
> [...]

Hello, David.

I agree - I run the user-mode "memtester" stress test, and hammer the 
hard disks at the same time ;-)

BTW "memtest", as you said, is a stand-alone program but it is quite 
different to "memtester", which is a normal application program that 
runs in user mode: The "memtester" program locks memory before testing 
it, up to a maximum of about half the installed memory in the system.



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