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malcolm Crouch malcolm.croucher at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 06:23:24 PST 2009

Hi ,

I am wondering if any of the following has been done :

1. Cluster by ip , e.g a cluster with pc placed in different locations and
each location does a different task based on its ip (the task has not been
specified )

2. Mobile clusters : any one by any small chance looked into clusters over
mobile application such iphone or andriod ?
things could be headed in that direction , you never know. although it could
be a minor cluster , although I cant really think of a use at the moment .
maybe something to do with sending a sms , getting data and analysing that
data , then sending more information.Perhaps , playing a song at one phone
and playing another son at a another phone , could be really useful for
large amounts of data , that need to be stored over a network or for
balancing the data network (although i doubt thats a problem)

Just my thoughts


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