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Michael H. Frese Michael.Frese at NumerEx-LLC.com
Fri Jan 16 09:41:28 PST 2009

We use D-Link DKVM-8E's and chain them together quite satisfactorily 
to a single console in one room.  It works okay for 16 nodes.  I 
don't know why it wouldn't work for 40, but there's no way to access 
them remotely.


At 08:17 AM 1/16/2009, you wrote:
>Do people here normally use KVMs for management of compute nodes or 
>forego those and either have a grad student with a keyboard+monitor 
>on a trolley or rely entirely on remote management cards and/or IPMI?
>For those of you that use KVMs, what ones do you normally use?
>I'm taking a look around at the moment and for 40+ nodes, KVMs look 
>like quite an expensive option. It's not clear either how well or 
>which KVMs can be operated remotely.
>The scenario I have is that I have ~40 nodes in a room and I would 
>like to hook a KVM switch to all of these and be able to connect to 
>the switch from other parts of the building. I see Avocent (for 
>example) have some switches that kinda fit this model - but its not 
>clear whether the Avocents can be accessed over a standard Ethernet 
>LAN, or whether you have to run a dedicated CAT5 cable around your 
>building specifically to connect to the KVM switch.
>Any experience from others on this welcome, I've mostly relied on 
>post-boot remote access, remote management cards and IPMI up to now.
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