[Beowulf] Brice Goglin's seminar on OpenMX - 13/01/2008 at STFC Daresbury Lab

Igor Kozin i.n.kozin at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 8 06:11:22 PST 2009

I do not know how big the UK audience of this list is but hopefully a few of
you may find it very interesting.


You are invited to attend a CSED Seminar taking place on Tuesday 13 January
2009 in CR1, A Block at 2pm. The Seminar will be given by Brice Goglan from
INRIA, France.

Title: "High-Performance Message Passing over Ethernet with Open-MX, why and

Abstract: Open-MX is a message passing stack that offers the Myrinet Express
features on top of regular Ethernet hardware. We will see what problems one
can encounter when trying to mimic high-speed network capabilities without
having advanced hardware support underneath. Several solutions based on
I/OAT copy offload, interrupt affinities, and multiqueue support will be
discussed. Finally, we will see how working on intra-node communication in
Open-MX also lead to improving large message performance in MPICH2/Nemesis.

Laura Johnston

Science & Technology Facilities Council
Daresbury Laboratory
Keckwick Lane

Tel: +44 (0)1925 603529
Fax: +44 (0)1925 603634
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