[Beowulf] METIS Partitioning within program

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Have you thought of using the system call: 

"system(const char *string);" 

Type "man system" for a description. You can pass any string 
to the shell to be run with this call. For instance: 

system("date > date.out"); 

would instruct the shell to place the current date and time 
in the file date.out. If the command you wish to run changes 
cyclically y ou would have to manage the changes from inside 
the program. I am assuming a C program here. 



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Hi all, 

For my parallel code to run, I first make grid partitioning on command line then for running the parallel code I give hard-code the path of METIS-partition files. It is very cumbersome if I need to run code with different grids and for different -np value. Please tell me how to call METIS partitioning routine from within the program run so that whatever -np value would be we are at ease. 


Amjad Ali. 

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