[Beowulf] Wake on LAN supported on both built-in interfaces ... ??

richard.walsh at comcast.net richard.walsh at comcast.net
Thu Aug 13 16:56:33 PDT 2009


I have a head node that am trying to get WOL set up on. 

It is a SuperMicro motherboard (X8DTi-F) with two built 
in interfaces (eth0, eth1). I am told by SuperMicro support 
that both interfaces support WOL fully, but when I probe them 
with ethtool only eth0 indicates that it supports WOL with: 

Supports Wake-on: umbg 
Wake-on: g 

$ethtool eth1 ... yields: 

Supports Wake-on: d 
Wake-on: d 


ethtool -s eth1 wol g 

fails indicating (as expected) indicating: 

"Cannot set new wake-on-lan settings: Operation not supported 
not setting wol" 

The same command on eth0 works fine. I have set up eth0 to be 
my internal (private interface) and eth1 to be the internet facing 
interface. I would like avoid reworking everything ... ;-) ... 

Any thoughts? Go arounds? Is SuperMicro telling me the truth 
about both interfaces providing full support. Perhaps I am missing 
some configuration option in the BIOS. SuperMicro says I am not, 
but ... 



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