[Beowulf] Inappropriate topic.

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Tue Sep 30 10:43:45 PDT 2008

Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> Hmm,
> The European Union waited a bit long introducing its own equivalent and
> it should
> be online within a few years, it is called Galileo and it is 1 meter
> accurate for everyone.
> Also with the garantuee of it not getting switched off; which happens so
> easily with GPS,
> even the smallest threat of war is enough, and it is difficult to follow
> logics in Washington there.
> In one speech that's on his site Obama for example mentions he wants to
> get rid of Venezuelan oil,
> whereas in the convention he didn't mention Venezuela. Chavez now is
> gonna build a nuke,
> to garantuee his presidency.
> What's status of Venezuela?
> It exports massive amount of oil, can The Dutch Antilles, just close to
> Venezuela,
> be sure of the GPS signal?
> On GPS technical data i'm not sure what i'm allowed to quote, so let's
> not do it.
> Let's not even comment how far off or on Robert is.


This discussion of politics is not relevant to the discussion, and
politics in general have no business on this list. Please discuss your
politics elsewhere.


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