[Beowulf] Re: MOSIX2

Jürgen Knödlseder jurgen.knodlseder at cesr.fr
Tue Sep 30 07:34:16 PDT 2008

Hi Tony,

I'm in the same situation as your are: I'm running an openMosix  
cluster, but since it's more and more
difficult to integrate new hardware with an old 2.4.26 kernel I think  
that I have to move to MOSIX2.
I just got the latest version of MOSIX2 sent from Amnon Barak (I'm  
using the cluster for academic
work), and started to play around with installations ... yet I had  
some kernel crash problems that
I could not yet resolve on one of the machines. So I guess without  
the $1,000 per year support
fee it'll also be difficult to run a MOSIX2 cluster ...


Le 30 sept. 08 à 11:14, Tony Travis a écrit :

> Keith Hacke wrote:
>> Dr Travis
>>  Below is a recent question you posted concerning usage of  
>> MOSIX2.  I am also considering MOSIX2 for a test cluster of 64  
>> nodes.  I was not able to find any responses to your question and  
>> wondered if you received any communications on MOSIX2 or if you  
>> have more information on your decision.
> Hello, Keith.
> No, you are the only person to respond about MOSIX2 so far!
> I've got to admit that although I'm very happy with my experience  
> of openMosix I can't continue using it without the support of the  
> rest of the openMosix community.
> So far, I've been in touch with Amnon Barak (amnon at cs.huji.ac.il)  
> who put me in contact with his MOSIX2 developer Amnon Shiloh  
> u3557 at miso.sublimeip.com) of Shiloh Distributed Solutions Pty/Ltd.:
> 	http://www.mosix.com.au/
> He confirmed that MOSIX2 is 'free' for academic use, but even so I  
> would have to pay them $1,000 per year to obtain 'updates' and run  
> the current version. I don't rule this out, but I'm not entirely  
> happy about it.
> Please let me know about other people you know who might be  
> interested in using MOSIX2. I've cc'ed this email to the Beowulf  
> list in case there are other people on the list using or interested  
> in trying out MOSIX2.
> Thanks for getting in touch,
> 	Tony.
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