[Beowulf] shmem

Patrick Geoffray patrick at myri.com
Tue Sep 23 19:54:04 PDT 2008

Lawrence Stewart wrote:
> Is anyone aware of available test suites or API benchmark suites for
> shmem?  I am thinking of the equivalent of the Intel MPI tests or
> Intel MPI Benchmarks, awful though they are.

I don't know any publicly available shmem validation or benchmark 
suites. Not surprising since there isn't really an official shmem spec 
to begin with, although there is hope in that domain.

> Separately, does anyone here happen to know whether shmem applications
> care about independent progress?  That is, if rank A is puting and geting
> to rank B, and rank B is off in application code, do the puts and gets
> have to take effect?

Yes, most shmem codes do assume truly one-sided operations.


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