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Tue Sep 23 07:03:17 PDT 2008

This is a bit of a shameless plug but as were on the subject.

We are just in the process of releasing our new stack, ClusterVisionOS
v4. We stick it on top of your favorite red hat clone(mostly SL) to
provide a host of handy cluster tools and enhancements. From
November/December(ish) you will get it free if you buy a cluster from
us but we also sell it as a stand alone product.

We have gone all GUI with this release, the management system features
a SOAP API which can be utilized by a management interface that we
have built from the Mozilla GTK. This enables it to be easily ported
to any platform that supports Mozilla. It's all been written and
designed by our extremely fastidious Dutch development team so the UI
has a nice polished look and feel.

They have built a lightweight slave node monitoring daemon that sends
various metrics to the system for compilation and delivery through the
SOAP API (I think using snmp). As SOAP works with pretty much any
language you would care to mention, you can, with a little help from
your friends, _fully_ manage your cluster(s) from anywhere from the
comfort of your favorite language. Our chief developer has assured me
that anything that can be done with the CLI can be done through the

ClusterVisionOS is now a well established stack which has proven to be
quite popular amongst our users. If anyone feels differently about
this please let me know :)

Please take a look at this PDF. Its a little marketing orientated but
all we have at present. We are in the process of writing the

For the full magazine which includes some detail on the University of
Bristol's "Blue Crystal" 40TF system (66 on the recent top500) and
other recent ClusterVision projects please look here:-


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tel: +44 7525 057462
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