[Beowulf] What services do you run on your cluster nodes?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Sep 23 04:50:17 PDT 2008

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> One can always run xmlsysd instead, which is a very lightweight
> on-demand information service.  It costs you, basically, a socket, and
> you can poll the nodes to get their current runstate every five seconds,
> every thirty seconds, every minute, every five minutes.  Pick a
> granularity that drops its impact on a running computation to a level
> you consider tolerable, while still providing you with node-level state
> information when you need it.
> Just a thought...;-)


I really have to look at this already.  If the poll could be rigged so 
that everyone gets polled at the same time, and it is not too frequent 
(1/minute), this could be quite helpful.  Especially if it doesn't have 
to run a process/fork a thread to get state info.  Ganglia is nice, but 
it has some overhead.  And occasionally gmond wanders off into a 
different universe ...

If you have the pointer handy to the tool (save me a google, and get you 
free advertising :) ) ...

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