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> > Note that for the fully populated enclosure the power
> supplies are dual, i.e.
> > 2* 1600W = 3200W.
> I see that now.  question for electrical-code enthusiasts on the list:
> isn't a normal "15 amp" office circuit actually supposed to
> only be used up to 12 amps?  that would mean 12*120=1440; in
> other words, each 1600W PS needs a special circuit.  also,
> isn't it pretty common for an office duplex receptacle to be
> fed by a single (15A) circuit?

Don't confuse a 15A receptacle with a 15A circuit.  You can have multiple 15A receptacles on a 20A circuit.

A 20 A receptacle is also not uncommon (the one with the T shaped slot).. The 20A plug has one pin/blade at 90 degrees relative to the other.

20A circuits are pretty common.

And, in a lot of offices, multiple circuits wind up in each office (modular wiring systems, for instance, will carry all three phases of a 208/120Y system), so with two power cords you could do the 3kW.

And, hey, if you're spending 90K on the box,you can spend 1K on the electrician to install a 30A circuit.


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