[Beowulf] Re: GPU boards and cluster servers

Jon Forrest jlforrest at berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 10 17:38:09 PDT 2008

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> Well, then, why don't you run it on a low-end card that you already
> have (finite/free = infinity)? If you aren't going to bother to
> constrain the problem, you're going to get bogus answers.

Easy. Because I don't already have a low-end card.

What I'm going to try to do is to be able to show
the faculty and grad students around here how
easy it is to get a significant performance improvement
by using CUDA as compared to using their normal
i386 or x86_64 processors. The actual performance
improvement isn't that important because even if it's
just a 2X improvement it will be easy to justify.
I'm expecting it to be a lot more because much
of what goes on around here has already been ported
and summarized on the CUDA web site with >=10X improvements.

Then, once I've hooked the faculty I'll get them to buy
a high-end card to get maximum performance.

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