[Beowulf] Re: Re: GPU boards and cluster servers.

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Tue Sep 9 10:15:29 PDT 2008

Jeff Johnson wrote:
>> A Xeon is a Xeon is a Xeon.
> This is a very true statement.
> Unfortunately for many, the commonality ends where the processor and
> socket meet. There is a great deal of deviation in motherboard designs.
> Some are much better than others and it is not always based on the
> location of the factory (China versus Japan, USA, etc).
> Intel, as an example, releases a reference design and bios definition
> that is usually the gold standard for a particular type of platform.
> Many companies will take this design and modify it to fit their needs
> and in the process streamline the design. That is usually a cost driven
> exercise.

A few years ago, when the 64-bit Opterons were still relatively new, I
read this article on the HyperTransport (HT) architecture in SysAdmin
magazine.  At the time, according to the article, out of all the
different companies selling Opteron-based systems, the HP Proliant
DL-585 was one of the few that fully implemented the HT architecture.


So yeah, there' s a lot more to computer performance than the type of
processor and socket on the motherboard.


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