[Beowulf] Re: GPU boards and cluster servers.

Li, Bo libo at buaa.edu.cn
Thu Sep 4 22:06:49 PDT 2008

It seems your platform is more suitable for a cluster. Great, and when are the products available? And is there any software support from you?
Li, Bo
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  Li, Bo wrote: 
    Is it too expensive for the platform?
    The easy solution is:
    And X48 level motherboard with CF support, about $150 
    Q6600 Processor, about $170
    Two 4870X2 $1,100
    Two Seagate SATA Harddisk 500G for Raid1, about $140
    4*2G DDR2 RAM, about $150
    PSU 1000W, about $200
    A big box, about $100

    That's all, in total, $2,010.
    Li, Bo

  True, to a point.
  Most people will not use a desktop board for a cluster.
  Too I/O bound.
  Finally the memory capacity of these desktop boards is pretty limiting. Typically 8GB maximum. 

  Generally a XEON or Opteron chipset and CPUs will be the choice.

  Also, for most GPU/FPU performance work, the memory bandwidth bottleneck on the Intel product is too much of a negative factor.

  Lastly, for clusters, most want a rackmount chassis.
  We developed a 2U designed for a server board and 2 GPU boards.
  The big challenge there is power.

  We use dual 600W PSUs. One for motherboard, and one for dual GPU boards.

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