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Li, Bo libo at buaa.edu.cn
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Is it too expensive for the platform?
The easy solution is:
And X48 level motherboard with CF support, about $150 
Q6600 Processor, about $170
Two 4870X2 $1,100
Two Seagate SATA Harddisk 500G for Raid1, about $140
4*2G DDR2 RAM, about $150
PSU 1000W, about $200
A big box, about $100

That's all, in total, $2,010.
Li, Bo
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It seemed that you had got a very good example for GPGPU. As I said before, it's not the time for GPGPU to do the DP calculation at the moment. If you can bear SP computation, you will find more about it.
NVidia just sent me some special offer about their Tesla platforms, which said that the workstation equipped with two GTX280 level professional cards costs about $5000, not bad. But my intention is still to lower the core frequency of a gaming card, and use it for computation.
Li, Bo
  Looking at AMD/ATI Firestream and 4850 pricing, it is not too bad:

  AMD FIRESTREAM 9250 STREAM PROCESSOR (P/N: 100-505563)        $880
  VISIONTEK RADEON HD4870X2 2GB PCI-E (P/N: 900250)                      $575
  VISIONTEK RADEON HD 4870 512MB PCI-E (P/N: 900244)                     $355

  The 4870 and X2 also run the AMD code.

  So, given a decent machine, with 4 cores and a pair of the 4870X2, one can achieve some pretty amazing GPU 
  performance levels for a system well under $4,000.

  With dualX2s ( 4 GPU engines) around $4700 ( extra PSU capacity and cooling is needed for that level).

  I hear that AMD have a new Firestream coming, with the 48x0 family chips on it, but that will likely be a bit on the pricier side..

  Anyway, the Firestream has GPUs with Double-Precision Floating Point.
  Something the  nVidia offerings do not.

  Worth considering.



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