[Beowulf] FYI: HPC Server 2008 hits top 25

Matt Lawrence matt at technoronin.com
Tue Jun 24 19:22:41 PDT 2008

On Tue, 24 Jun 2008, Peter St. John wrote:

> MS isn't famous for new development (as scientists see "new development")
> but a few hundred engineers would not be such a big investment for them.
> I'd be more interested in a comparison of that many whatever, quad core
> xeon? running linux vs MS's running Cluster Server 2008. CP/M could be a
> pretty powerful OS if it ran on enough nodes :-) and of course I think of XP
> as CP/M v.99 (approximately) (although that isn't fair to VMS, the forebear
> of NT)

I'm sorely tempted to try to run a cluster of OS/360 systems just to say 
it has been done.  Should be pretty easy using Hercules/390.

Since my boss reads this list, I'm not sure if he will be amused or 
appalled at the idea.  probably both.

-- Matt
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It's what I can remember in time to use.

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