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The destructive radius of Little Boy was about total, up to about one mile
radius, and tapered down to light at about two miles. So being in a
lead-lined steel container at 2000 meters might be OK for Indiana.

In all action movies, blasts throw people unhurt for long distances; when
that much force (to impart that much momentum) would kill you. That part is
just conventional Hollywood. I could teach RGB to kick me so that I fly
through the air as in a Bruce Lee movie; it's a stunt, and real kicks
reallly hitting drop you like a sack of potatoes, I've seen it. But not in
movies. Similarly bullets, they drill holes in you, if they pushed you
through the air the recoil would do the same to the shooter.

As for the scene's good taste I can't say, I haven't seen the movie yet :-)


On 6/20/08, Kilian CAVALOTTI <kilian at stanford.edu> wrote:
> On Thursday 19 June 2008 11:25:05 am Mike Davis wrote:
> > According to one weapons designer the only safe way to use it was to
> > fire from a hilltop into a valley from a jeep and then drive like
> > hell into the next valley.
> Or... there's also the so-called "home appliance nuke evasion
> manoeuvre", as demonstrated in "Indiana Jones and the Fridge of Nuclear
> Doom". But, obviously, you need a fridge.
> http://blog.uwinnipeg.ca/ius/archives/003477.html
> --
> Kilian
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