[Beowulf] OFED/IB for FC8

Massimiliano Fatica mfatica at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 16:27:40 PDT 2008

We have the same switch.
I was able to get it to work with  the latest OFED 1.3 ( available from the
Mellanox web site).
They have rpms for RHEL4 and RHEL5.


On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Michael H. Frese <
Michael.Frese at numerex-llc.com> wrote:

>  Following Jeff Layton's post to this list [Cheap SDR IB] on January 28,
> we purchased 8 Infinihost LX's and an 8 port switch, and began trying to
> get
> the OpenFabrics (OFED) release of MVAPICH for Fedora Core 6 to run on our
> new
> machines.  We develop and run a multiphysics code in a relatively fine
> grain parallel mode
> where latency dominates the performance scaling, so it seemed like a good
> thing to try.
> This is our first exposure to InfiniBand, though we have considerable
> experience with MPI, both in-memory and over GigE, including using netpipe
> to
> measure latency and bandwidth.
> Those machines have AMD Athlon X2 6000+'s on Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
> motherboards
> with an open PCI Express slot that will handle x4.
> The main issue is that we are presently running Fedora Core 8 and the
> 2.6.21
> SMP kernel, but there is no OFED release for FC8 yet.  Is anyone else
> working
> on this?  Has anyone succeeded at getting it to work?
> We started with OFED version 1.2.5 from
>  http://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/OFED/ofed-1.2.5/OFED-1.2.5-RPMS/
> We downloaded all the rpms from redhat-release-4AS-6.1 version.
> In particular the kernel rpms are kernel-ib-devel-1.2-2.6.9_55.ELsmp and
> kernel-ib-1.2-2.6.9_55.ELsmp.
> We used the 1.2.5 version because there don't seem to be any rpms for the
> 1.3 version.
> All the OFED rpm's for FC6 installed on FC8 without difficulty, except for
> opensm-3.0.3-0.ppc64.rpm
> It didn't say "missing dependencies ..."  It just got stuck. We had to kill
> the 'rpm -ivh', remove the lock file
> and rebuild the rpm database.  After that,
> # lsmod | grep ib
> shows about 15 IB related kernel mods.
> Even so, at this point, some of the IB stuff works.  We can run
> ibnetdiscover and see the HCA's on the
> two machines that have the rpm's installed, and the switch, too.  We could
> use
> that to make a topology file, but we don't know where to put it, or even if
> we
> should put it somewhere. We can run ibchecknet, and though it finds 4
> nodes,
> it says they are all bad.  It also reports "lid 0 address resolution:
> FAILED".  We have not succeeded in getting ibping to work, and aren't
> really
> sure what how to specify the remote address for it.
> We found
> /usr/share/doc/ofed-docs-1.2/README.txt
> /usr/share/doc/ofed-docs-1.2/OFED_Installation_Guide.txt
> and, as described there, did
> # /etc/init.d/openibd start
> Loading QLogic InfiniPath driver:                          [FAILED]
> Loading HCA driver and Access Layer:                       [  OK  ]
> Setting up InfiniBand network interfaces:
> Failed to configure IPoIB connected mode for ib0
> Bringing up interface ib0:                                 [FAILED]
> Setting up service network . . .                           [  done  ]
> Loading ib_sdp                                             [FAILED]
> Loading ib_vnic                                            [FAILED]
> Module ib_vnic not loaded.
> Bringing up VNIC interfaces                                [FAILED]
> That mostly looks bad.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> We are willing to try a build from source, but we are unsure of what
> challenges might lie down that path.
> We'd rather not fall back to FC6, but we may have to do that.
> Thanks for your help.
> Mike Frese
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