[Beowulf] MPICH2 error

Luis Alejandro Del Castillo Riley acastillo22 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 14:54:33 PDT 2008

hi fellows my name is Luis Alejandro del Castillo and i am building a
beowulf cluster for my final work of Engineering but i have some issues with
MPICH2.the thing is that i place the tar file in /usr/local/ of the (master
node) and then run ./configure and all goes cool then i mount these dir on
the nodes so be it the fortran90 dir but when i return to the master node to
run mpdboot -n number of start -f mpd.hosts but they return me an error

acastillo at master:~$ mpdboot -n 5 -f mpd.hosts
mpdboot_wolverine-master (handle_mpd_output 406): from mpd on node1, invalid
port info: no_port

if someone can teach me what is the basic configuration of MPICH2  please.

Luis Alejandro Del Castillo Riley
Universidad Tecnologica de Panamá
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