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Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Wed Apr 16 05:22:51 PDT 2008

We've used AoE (CoRAID hardware) with pretty good success (modulo one 
RAID shelf fire that was caused by a manufacturing defect and dealt with 
promptly by CoRAID).  We've had some reliability issues with Areca cards 
but no data corruption on the systems we've built that way.


Bruce Allen wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
>>>>> PPS: We've also been doing some experiments with putting 
>>>>> OpenSolaris+ZFS on some of our generic (Supermicro + Areca) 16-disk 
>>>>> RAID systems, which were originally intended to run Linux.
>>>>  I think that DESY proved some data corruption with such 
>>>> configuration, so they switched to OpenSolaris+ZFS.
>>> I'm confused.  I am also talking about OpenSolaris+ZFS.  What did 
>>> DESY try, and what did they switch to?
>> Sorry, I am indeed not clear. As far as I know, DESY found data 
>> corruption using Linux and Areca cards. They moved from linux to 
>> OpenSolaris and ZFS, avoiding other corruption. This has been 
>> discussed in HEPiX storage workgroup. However, I can not speak on 
>> their behalf at all. I'll try to get you in touch with someone more 
>> aware of this issue, as my statements lack of figures.
> I think that would be very interesting to the entire Beowulf mailing 
> list, so please suggest that they respond to the entire group, not just 
> to me personally.  Here is an LKML thread about silent data corruption:
> http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-kernel/2007/9/10/191697
> So far we have not seen any signs of data corruption on Linux+Areca 
> systems (and our data files carry both internal and external checksums, 
> so we would be sensitive to this).
> Cheers,
>     Bruce
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