[Beowulf] 3C2000 NIC discontinued

Gilad Shainer Shainer at mellanox.com
Thu Apr 10 14:27:43 PDT 2008


> >> I'll be posing some data soon
> >> (4 us latency and 5000 Mbits/sec using OpenMPI and netpipe)
> > [...]
> >> But as the core counts on the motherboards get higher, IB 
> gets more 
> >> attractive.
> >
> > One wonders why you're still using single-core benchmarks on 
> > multi-core systems...
> what's the alternative?  single-threaded lat and bw are still 
> fundamental properties of the interconnect, just less of the 
> whole story than before.

I have moved to test latency with multi-processes, each running on a
single core in a multi core environment. Good interconnects will show
almost the same latency for each process, when the process are executed
in parallel. With other solutions, the latency will increase with the
number of process. 


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