[Beowulf] User support systems

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Apr 9 09:38:48 PDT 2008

Geoff Jacobs wrote:
> The previous post on Windows access tools for clusters got me thinking
> -- what is the most efficient means of information delivery for large
> cluster installs? I'm interested in finding out, as all my experience is
> at the bottom end of the scale (really only a couple of teams).
> It seems to me that standard ticket systems as well as email support
> systems are going to generate quite a lot of churn. Even the best
> prepared online documentation is going to be ignored by a significant
> portion of the user base. Are forums and public chat rooms any better in
> being able to provide some measure of self or mutual support? Do any
> other members have ideas on how best to filter user support issues, or
> at least make it easy to respond to the basic inquiries appropriately?

We have been setting up wiki's for our customers.   Nothing captures a 
quick and dirty thing like a wiki, and they are generally very easy to 

Our users like the cut and paste aspect of them, document integration, etc.

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