[Beowulf] How Can Microsoft's HPC Server Succeed?

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Thu Apr 3 15:07:09 PDT 2008

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From: Jon Forrest <jlforrest at berkeley.edu> 

> That said, I just don't see how Microsoft's HPC server 
> can succeed. 

Yes, it seems impossible, but then what is success here?  In the most
limited sense this is a perimeter defending move by Microsoft.  Now
that a much larger part of the IT world is parallel and the Linux/HPC universe 
has a parallel cluster/savvy advantage along several dimensions.  But also
considered those new entrants into clustered server computing arena in
proximity markets like finance where there is a lot of "application server"
type work that is initiated from a Windows desktops.  Then there is the
improved workflow argument and the "high productivity computing" concept.
That's mind share grabber with folks making spending decisions in these
new arrival areas.  Then there is raw staying power.  

If by success you mean total replacement and domination, not likely ... but
if you mean capturing a somewhat larger share of the new arrivals into the market
and protecting their flank from a end around stimulated by the parallel revolution
... then I would say, yes ... they can succeed.

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