[Beowulf] How Can Microsoft's HPC Server Succeed?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
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>> I still think MS HPC has a shot in this space.
>> Remember the size of our market is pretty small -- a few 
>> thousand installs would have a pretty significant impact in 
>> this space although within MS that may qualify as an 
>> embarrassing product failure.
> According to the latest reports from IDC and others, the HPC server
> market is 20% of the total server market, and it is fast growing
> segment. Will reach 30% in 2 years or less. The virtualization effect

It is also worth noting that aside from HPC the server market was flat. 
  HPC is a $15B USD market, which while the USD is dropping, I think the 
market growth is driven in part by the fact that HPC is fundamentally an 
enabling technology.

> helps with this % increase as it reduces the number of servers in the
> EDC segment. You can also check IDC report on InfiniBand - it is growing
> fast, and one of the reasons is the growth of the HPC market. The HPC
> market is not small at all, and it is growing very fast. This is the
> reason driving the big vendors. 

I would expect storage and data center backbone to be driving IB and 10 
GbE (in addition to clusters).

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