[Beowulf] "Code" vs. "Codes"

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Apr 1 05:46:22 PDT 2008

Greg!  You had to launch the clone?  WHAT have you done?



Robert G. Brown wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>> English has super-plurals:
>> http://d.a.nicolas.free.fr/research/Linnebo-Nicolas-Superplurals.pdf
>> rgb knows this, but he was pretending like he doesn't use "all-y'all"
>> all the time...
> Y'all find some mighty odd things out there on the web, y'know Greg?  I
> hadn't ever heard of super-plurals -- very interesting.  All y'all
> should look at this, because the bit on the analysis of certain
> super-plural constructs providing a lead to second and third (and
> speculatively higher order) logics is mighty interesting.
> Still, God knows that it is difficult enough to keep my verbs all tensed
> up and correctly quantified without superplural constructs.  Now
> Whitehead and Russell, Whitehead and Hilbert, is a superplural construct
> in a self-referential sentence that asks whether the verb "is" that
> refers to Whitehead and Russell, Whitehead and Hilbert, should correctly
> be singular super-super-plural or if I should have used "are" to
> indicate ordinary super-plural (and while I'm at it, whether or not I
> can use "used" as a self-referential past tense of a usage in a single
> sentence with an implicit temporal order of expression right before
> switching back to present tense).  And only Kilpatrick Knows if I should
> have put a question mark at the end...;-)
>    rgb
>> Anyway, the reason I suggested the OED is that they often have early
>> usage quotes, which may well include examples of 'codes'. I can only
>> access the free version, which shows that they do have the definition,
>> but doesn't include the examples.
> I have VPN problems at home these days (too complicated to describe,
> sigh) but when I get to Duke tomorrow I'll see if the University
> subscribes to the OED so I can use it for free.
>    rgb
>> -- greg
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