[Beowulf] Old versions of Linux

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Oct 29 02:52:22 PDT 2007

John Hearns wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 06:54 +0530, Sandip Dev wrote:
>> Thanks everyone. I got it. I will be using MPICH for my cluster. And
>> my distro would be Ubuntu Giutsy Gibbon. It already has support for
>> x86-64 architecture and SMP. So now i have to install MPICH. Hope
>> everything goes well. 
> Sandip, sorry that we have put you off from using Mosix.
> As Tony Travis said, it is appropriate for a lot of workloads - and I
> have supported it in a bioinformatics role at the Natural History
> Museum.

Hello, John and Sandip.

In fact, you can install LAM MPI from the Ubuntu repositories and I'm 
using it under openMosix. We spent a lot of time trying to get MPICH 
working reliably with the 'mpd' device, but it seemed very fragile on 
our Beowulf. If you are not experienced, LAM is a lot easier to use.

Best wishes,

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