[Beowulf] Old versions of Linux

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Sun Oct 28 12:02:20 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 22:45 +0530, Sandip Dev wrote:
> I am totally new to clustering. It seems most clustering software like
> OpenMosix need 2.4 kernel to work.
Sandip, I have supported Mosix installations in the past,
however it is now unsupported.

>  Where can I get a older 2.4 kernel based Linux? 
Try www.mirrorservice.org and look for older Redhat distributions/

> Any ideas. Also does MPICH and OpenMPI require 2.4 kernel to run or do
> they run on 2.4?
They work on 2.6 - I'm working on two 2.6 based cluster right at this

>  Also do these support 64 bit processors
Yes they do.
Or our customer has splashed out on about 400 processors for nothing...
and I've got a lot of explaining to do :-)

Sandip, forget old 2.4 based distributions.
Look at www.clustermonkey.net

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