[Beowulf] How do people keep track of computers in your cluster(s)?

Leif Nixon nixon at nsc.liu.se
Mon Oct 22 04:26:25 PDT 2007

Carsten Aulbert <carsten.aulbert at aei.mpg.de> writes:

> I know this sounds just like three medium sized SQL tables, but at least
> I wanted to ask what people are using if more than a single person is
> working on the cluster. One person can probably do this with a simple
> text file and a set of papers in a filing cabinet.

Seems most answers have focused on how to collect the data, not how to
store and present it.

Some people I know are using AT (Asset Tracker) for this purpose. That is
unfortunately a very generic and overloaded name, but *this* instance
of Asset Tracker is an addon for Request Tracker (one of the leading
trouble ticketing systems). It can be found here:


I'm not sure how ready for public consumption AT is, though.

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