[Beowulf] Re: [Dulug] Parallel debuggers (fwd)

Matt Rosing rosing at peakfive.com
Thu Oct 18 09:01:57 PDT 2007

>Dear MPI Mavens,
>What is the current state of the art for MPI (or PVM or other parallel
>code) debuggers?  I vaguely recall some review articles on this on CWM
>and/or CM, and of course there has been list discussion in the past, but
>a quick summary would be very useful.

We use two different debuggers, print* and write. I know, a little
sarcastic, but true. Part of this is because there's too much
information to look at using a regular debugger except for the most
basic problems (like where did it crash), part is due to the fact
that many of our nasty problems only show up with large processor
counts (making one window per process impossible), and the third is
that, being remote, the fancy gui based debuggers run like a ruptured
turtle over the internet. 

We can also run our code in serial, so that's where we do most of our


>    rgb

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