[Beowulf] Barcelona availability

Jan Heichler jan.heichler at gmx.net
Wed Oct 17 08:54:56 PDT 2007

Hallo Herbert,

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007, meintest Du:

HF> We are planning to extend an existing cluster (dual-core Opterons) with
HF> some Barcelona nodes. What the salesman tells me is that you can get
HF> 1.9GHz chips now, up to 2.3GHz in December and 2.4/2.6GHz in January.
HF> Does this sound realistic? Have faster Barcelonas been seen in the
HF> channel? Are there official (or unofficial) announcements from AMD?

As far as i know you don't have to expect 1.9 GHz in numbers before
end of November... worst case: christmas.

Higher clockspeeds not to be expected in this year.

Regards, Jan

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