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Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 16 10:35:43 PDT 2007

At 07:39 AM 10/16/2007, Joe Landman wrote:
>Robert G. Brown wrote:
>>On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, John Leidel wrote:
>>Yeah, you'd BETTER duck and run away right after Joe after that one.
>I have heard (or am spreading) the rumor that the 1-18-08 movie is 
>not really a monster movie, but the final epic battle between vi and emacs ...

Why not TECO?
Much more cryptic and arcane than either of those two later wimpy 
editors.  If you MUST have a sort of WYSIWG editor, there *is* a TECO 
macro that does it, but that would imply you have some form of glass 
teletype upon which to view it, and, as we all know, real developers 
use paper: tape, tab cards, or, if they must, teletype rolls.

No mouse required.  And, there's a command to tell you the phase of 
the moon, as I recall. (google is my friend... EG).. which wound up 
being the Emacs calendar command M.   vi doesn't provide this 
incredibly useful and valuable capability (nor does MS Word or Excel, 
but I DO have a VBA addon, if someone needs it..)

And, I happen to know that one can do the equivalent of make from 
inside TECO (although it's not without problems.. my roommate in the 
80s cursed it regularly late into the night)

(TECO was used by Stallman to create the first version of Emacs, apparently)

And, I never realized it at the time, but I used to go backpacking 
with one of the keepers of the TECO flame: Pete Siemsen who wrote 
TECOC (i.e. a port into C of TECO from the original MIDAS).  Had I 
but known, I could have saved some relics of this great man.

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