[Beowulf] using extend-reach IB?

James Cownie jcownie at cantab.net
Thu Oct 11 06:58:52 PDT 2007

Maybe these would do ?


Enabling larger clusters and reduced installation and maintenance costs

Intel® Connects Cables, with 20 Gbps data rates at distances up to  
100 meters, deliver the performance you need to build large, reliable  
computer clusters. With their low weight and bulk these high- 
performance active optical cables can reduce installation and  
maintenance costs while improving airflow. Designed for InfiniBand*  
4x SDR/DDR and 10 Gb Ethernet (GbE) installations, Intel Connects  
Cables are priced competitively with 24 AWG copper cables they are  
designed to replace.

FWIW I work for Intel, but on software...

-- Jim
James Cownie <jcownie at cantab.net>

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