[Beowulf] Supercomputing Conference Public Calendar

John Leidel john.leidel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 19:51:45 PDT 2007

All, just wanted to inform the community that I've just posted a public
google calendar of events for SC07.  I plan on updating it with the
various public parties and gatherings during the week of Nov 10-16 out
in Reno.  [I always seem to miss the really fun events...].  I thought
it might be easier to have a single point of reference for all the
various goings-on of SC.  

The only catch is, I need those in the community to send me details of
their events/BOFs/gatherings/etc so I may post them in the public

For details on posting events and links to the calendar, see the thread
at insideHPC : 


BTW, thanks to Donald Becker in jump starting the idea with his post on
the Beowulf event.  


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