[Beowulf] best linux distribution

Mike Davis jmdavis1 at vcu.edu
Mon Oct 8 12:20:18 PDT 2007

Buccaneer for Hire. wrote:
> You should use what works best for you.
> But, building software on RHEL/CentOS is way more
> difficult for the most part than building software
> under Fedora.  That's the difference between ~1200
> programs and thousands of programs in a distro. 

It might be a problem with rpm's here as well. But I build most of our 
scientific software (with only a couple of exceptions) from source. So 
my g03, vasp, Atlas, fftw2, fftw3, gamess, lammps, mpich-1.2.7 (intel 
and PGI), mpich2 (intel and PGI), mrbayes, openmpi (intel and PGI), MX, 
deMon, NRLMOL are all source builds. With the exception of VASP (which 
required tweaking of MPI and compilers) all were straight forward.

Non source builds are abaqus and adf, currently.


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