[Beowulf] Re: Naive question: mpi-parallel program in multicore CPUs

Herbert Fruchtl herbert.fruchtl at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Oct 3 01:28:05 PDT 2007

What is really difficult with MPI is data distribution. A lot of 
applications are parallelised using replicated data. That's fine if you 
are CPU bound, but it you are limited by the amount of memory per 
processor, a shared memory approach (which is the default with OpenMP) 
is the easiest way of using all the memory.

MPI may also add a lot of overhead if you parallelise inner loops, which 
is easy and cheap with OpenMP. OTOH, coarse-grain parallelism with 
OpenMP is difficult; MPI is usually more suitable here. It depends on 
your application, and you may find candidates for both approaches in the 
same application.


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> 	multicore CPUs
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> The question of OpenMP vs MPI has been around for a long time,
> for example:
> http://www.beowulf.org/archive/2001-March/002718.html
> My general impression is that it is a waste of time to convert from pure
> MPI to
> a hybrid approach. For example:
> www.sc2000.org/techpapr/papers/pap.pap214.pdf
> On the other hand, here's a fellow who got a 4X speedup by going to hybrid:
> www.nersc.gov/nusers/services/training/classes/NUG/Jun04/NUG2004_yhe_hybrid.ppt
> My own view is that with a modern cluster with fast processors and with
> inter-node communications not
> that much slower than a cache miss to main memory, the unified MPI model
> makes more sense, but
> there are many many papers arguing about this topic.
> -L
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