[Beowulf] wiring methods, transient suppression, etc.

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 28 10:11:11 PDT 2007

For those of you doing things like specifying UPSes, wiring racks 
(and EPOs), etc.

I've just finished reading over the revised IEEE Emerald Book (IEEE 
Std 1100-2005) and it is definitely the reference book you need.  All 
the stuff you've tried to discern by reading marketing white papers 
from APC or Liebert is in there, along with comparative analysis of 
various approaches, etc.  What really differentiates this version 
from the previous ones is a lot of attention to things like dual 
power to racks, cluster computer issues. A whole chapter:
Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Distributed Computing

The actual document title is:
IEEE Recommended Practice for
Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment

$140 in softcover.

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