[Beowulf] The recently solved Lie Group problem E8

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Thu Mar 22 10:03:52 PDT 2007

"Peter St. John" <peter.st.john at gmail.com> writes:

> I wish I know more about the SAGE (machine) that hosts the SAGE (software)
> that was used for this, 

 From what I understand, the SAGE software wasn't used, just the sage

> but apparently washington.edu's web server can't
> handle the CNN exposure as well as their number cruncher can crunch numbers.

They are down for some scheduled maintenance, not because of any
network traffic.  The author of SAGE, William Stein, is temporarily
hosting the sage website from his living room:


Don't try to download the software from that link right now.


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