[Beowulf] Emergency Power Off

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Mar 18 14:48:08 PDT 2007

At 01:04 PM 3/18/2007, Robert G. Brown wrote:
>On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Jim Lux wrote:
>>And, that white paper from APC (which, by the way, has a revised 
>>version for 2005 that talks more about the risks of deliberate 
>>EPOing as sabotage) is pretty short on practical details, while 
>>it's great at showing drawings of buttons.
>"deliberate EPOing as sabotage"?  Oh, yeah.  That's way up there in my
>risk catalogue.  Solution -- lock server room door, fire any employee
>idiotic enough to kill the datacenter deliberately without cause.  This
>is in a code discussion?

Why yes... basically same paper as you referenced but now titled:
"understanding EPO and its downtime risks"



Very much indeed.

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